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Alcohol and drug awareness courses and Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program

Alcohol and drug awareness courses

Under ACT laws, residents convicted or found guilty of drink or drug driving are required to complete a course relevant to their offence.

For more information about the courses including course enrolment visit the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Course page on the Justice and Community Safety Directorate website.

Alcohol Interlock

alcohol ignition interlock device is an electronic breath testing device wired into the ignition of a vehicle. This device requires the driver to provide an alcohol-free breath sample by blowing into the device before the vehicle will start.

interlock condition is a condition of a person’s driver licence that, for a specified period, the person may only drive a motor vehicle that is a nominated vehicle for the person; and has a fitted alcohol ignition interlock device. If you have an interlock condition on your driver licence, it is an offence to drive a vehicle that is not fitted with an alcohol ignition interlock device.

probationary licence means a driver licence issued to a person who applies for a driver licence after a period of disqualification from holding or obtaining an Australian driver licence

Mandatory Interlock Condition

A person convicted in the ACT of high range (0.15 BAC or higher) drink driving offence, or who has two previous drink driving offences in the past five years, or who refuses a breath or blood sample, will be subject to a mandatory interlock condition on their driver licence, following a period of licence disqualification.

You are eligible to apply for a probationary licence with interlock condition if you have completed at least half of the disqualification period and are not otherwise disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver licence.

Voluntary Interlock Condition

If a person does not fall into the mandatory interlock condition category, they may apply for a probationary licence with interlock condition immediately*after the court imposes a disqualification and the required drug and alcohol awareness course has been completed. This is provided the person is not otherwise disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence.

*The licence disqualification order must be received from the ACT Magistrates Court by the Road Transport Authority (RTA) prior to issuing the licence

Interstate Interlock Condition

If you are moving to the ACT and have an interstate licence with an interlock condition or have an ACT driver licence and have been issued an interstate court order with an interlock condition option please contact Licence and Registration directly on (02) 6207 7002 or lara@act.gov.au to discuss.

How to apply

When applying for a probationary licence with an interlock condition you need to complete an Application for a probationary licence with interlock condition (PDF) . When completing the application form you will be required to nominate the vehicle(s) in which the interlock device will be fitted. For any vehicles where you are not the registered operator, the registered operator will also need to sign the form and provide proof of identity, giving their consent to the installation of the interlock device. The completed application form should be presented to an Access Canberra Service Centre. The Service Centre will confirm with the Licence and Registration Administration team the eligibility and once confirmed the fee will be paid. You are then free to leave the Access Canberra Service Centre and your new interim probationary licence with interlock condition will be emailed within 1 business day. Your driver licence card will be posted to your address in the next 28 days.

Exemption Request

You may apply to the RTA for an exemption from the mandatory interlock condition because of special circumstances. To apply for an exemption, you will need to state in writing the special circumstances you are relying on to seek an exemption and provide any supporting documents by email to lara@act.gov.au.


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