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Use of mobile phones and visual display units

From 1 July 2019 all Learner and Provisional licence holders are banned from using mobile devices, which includes interacting with the mobile device during the use of GPS or Bluetooth wireless to play music, whilst driving. Interacting with the mobile device is defined by way of touching and using your voice to communicate or command.

The information below applies to full licence holders only:

What you can do with a mobile phone when driving

  • Mobile phones can be used as a driver’s aid for navigational and intelligent highway functions, such as through Google Maps, TomTom App, Garmin App and others, provided the phone is securely mounted to the vehicle.
  • Drivers and riders are legally allowed to touch the phone when it is securely mounted.
  • Mobile phones can be used to make or receive a phone call provided the phone is mounted to the vehicle. Drivers and riders are legally allowed to touch the phone if it is securely mounted.
  • If the phone is not mounted, it can still be used to make or receive a phone call, but the driver or rider must not touch or hold any part of the phone at any time, this can be done via Bluetooth or voice activation.

What you cannot do with a mobile phone when driving

It is illegal for drivers and riders to use mobile phones for anything other than for making or receiving a call and for navigational purposes. The following activities are not permitted (even if the phone is securely mounted):

  • texting and audio texting
  • video messaging
  • emailing
  • using social media
  • using mobile phone applications other than for navigational purposes
  • taking photos.

Important road safety information

Use of mobile phones when driving is distracting. Drivers and riders must have full control of the vehicle and pay attention to road conditions at all times.

Motorists using mobile phones for GPS navigation are encouraged to rely on the GPS’ spoken directions to avoid the need to look at the phone when driving

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