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Road Ready Driver Knowledge Test (DKT Tests ACT)

ACT Road Ready Driver Knowledge Test
(DKT Tests ACT)


The Knowledge Tests (DKT Tests ACT) are a necessary component in obtaining your learner licence for all vehicles.

There are practice tests available which can be accessed through the button below.

Electronic copies of the handbooks are also available below and hard copies can be purchased from any Access Canberra Service Centre.

When you do the Test, you will have to answer 35 questions drawn from those 378 training questions.

All questions must be answered correctly for Alcohol and Drugs, Intersections, Seat Belts and Vulnerable Road Users.

Two questions are allowed to be answered incorrectly in each category of Car General and Driving General.

In total you are allowed a maximum of four incorrect answers.

Preparing for these tests does not have to be difficult. In fact, if you want to do your best without a lot of unnecessary struggle, you can use this site to help you.

By using this site to prepare in advance, you will not only have a chance to take practice tests but you can also benefit from getting the correct answers as well. Therefore, if you are weak in any section, you can cut down on time looking for the right answers.

These tests are also based specifically on the Australian Capital Territory Road Ready Rules Handbook.

This handbook covers a wide range of different topics so you will need to know information on the following:

  • Rules on Seat Belts and Child Restraints
  • Child Restraint Standards
  • Distinctions Between Vision Zero and Safe System Approach Methodologies
  • Legal Penalties for Driving Under Intoxication and the legal limits
  • The use of a mobile telephone while driving
  • Distractions on the Road
  • When to seek roadside rest areas to avoid Fatigue Driving Conditions


If you are not able to come into our centre, this learner driver test (DKT Tests ACT) can be completed remotely. 

Once you pass the test, the certificate will be emailed and posted to you.

There is an additional $40 cost to complete the test this way.

Should you wish to take the driver knowledge test remotely, on one-to-one basis, please contact our office.


Q: How do I book a Driver Knowledge Test (DKT Tests)?
A: You do not need to book ahead for taking the Knowledge Test, but you do need to arrive during our office testing hours. Details of the testing hours are shown on our contact page. During these testing hours, you can simply request at reception to undertake the test. We provide the Knowledge Test at both of our Road Ready locations.

Q: How long are my DKT certificates valid for?
A: Knowledge Test certificates are valid for for 2 years.

Q: I have difficulty reading/unable to use a computer, is there any assistance?
A: An assisted test for those with difficulties can be arranged by our friendly staff on any weekday, but please contact your preferred location first to book a time with at least 2 days of notice.

Q: What Questions Can I Expect On The ACT Test (DKT)?
If you want to know what types of questions to expect on these tests, you may want to start your search by reviewing the Australian Capital Territory Road Rules Handbook in that particular year. This handbook will provide you with a lot of valuable information on the different driver’s license classes and other things that may be on the ACT learners test. For instance, if you are taking the knowledge section of the ACT exam, you can expect to see 35 multiple-choice questions. Most of these questions considered to be common sense and will only require a general knowledge of driving in this area. There are other questions that are not so common, however, and will require specific knowledge to respond accurately. To pass this section of the exam, you need to answer at least 31 questions accurately.

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